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Meeting State Requirements for ELDT: MN Specific Information

The following information was provided by MN DVS regarding ELDT:

  • Employers providing driver training to their own employees are exempt from having to be a licensed driving school per Minnesota Statute.

  • Key: If fees are charged for training, then an entity must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), Driver and Vehicles Services (DVS), as a driving school.

  • When registering in the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR), you want to list your entity as private since you would be providing training only for your own employees.

  • Your training program would need to meet the ELDT requirements for the training facility, equipment, curriculum and instructor qualifications.

DVS Information on State Requirements for CDL Training School/Instructor:

  • If you want to get things started, you can submit the commercial school application and $150.00 fee, and an instructor application and $50.00 fee after the training is completed.

  • All the required forms can be found on the DVS website at

  • You will want to meet with your “surety bond agent”, complete the bond form , DVS sends it to the Attorney General’s office for approval.

Be sure to instruct the agent that the name and address of the school must

match the name and address on the school application, exactly word-for-word-,

comma-for-comma, period-for-period, LLC-for LLC, etc.

Bond has to be at least $10,000 and can change due to enrollment numbers

per year.

  • The remainder of the paperwork, including the auto insurance certificate, vehicle inspection if the vehicle is 10-years or older, the student contract, and the curriculum can be faxed, or scanned and emailed to DVS.

  • If you are going to lease a permanent classroom space and range, we will need a copy of the lease agreements.

The lease must be for a minimum of one year.

We only need originals of the application and surety bond form.