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for-hire carriers

For-Hire Carriers

For-Hire Carriers are carriers who receive payment or compensation for the transportation of property (e.g., truckload, LTL, parcel, intermodal, courier, and household carriers).  Dues levels are based on a Minnesota revenue formula.

What is the MTA all about? 

The MTA's mission is to serve as the voice for a safe and successful Minnesota Trucking industry through advocacy, education, and focused initiatives.

That means...

  • Serving as THE voice of trucking at the Minnesota State Capitol on legislative issues. 

  • Working to generate positive media coverage about trucking and enhance the image of the industry.

  • Helping to recruit talent into the Minnesota trucking industry.

  • Providing professional development to your entire operation, including your safety team, maintenance team, operations, human resources and executives. 

  • Being the go to resource for vendor referrals, safety and compliance questions, and issues involving state and federal agencies.

  • Offering training seminars and conferences on emerging and current issues. 

  • Providing products, programs and services designed to reduce your operating costs and help you efficiently comply with regulations. 


Annual membership dues for for-hire carriers are based on your Minnesota Revenue and corresponding dues amount.


Calculate Your MN Revenue* = (Minnesota Miles/Total Miles) x Total Revenue

*use your IFTA miles and total revenue from last calendar year

Then Find Your MN Revenue Band and Corresponding Dues Amount

  • Up to $400,000.......... $340

  • $400,001-$600,000.....$585

  • $600,001-$850,000.....$795

  • $850,001-$1,000,000 (HQ in Minnesota).....$1,060

  • $850,001-$1,665,000 (HQ NOT in Minnesota)......$1,060

  • 1,000,000+ (HQ in Minnesota).....(0.00108) x MN Revenue = Dues Amount

  • $1,665,000+ (HQ NOT in Minnesota).....(0.000649) x MN Revenue = Dues Amount

*Dues Capped at $6,370

To help calculate your dues, use the interactive Dues Calculator below


"The friends and connections I've made through my involvement in the MTA not only are a resource that help me manage my business, but many have become personal friends.  


The MTA is a strong and respected voice for our members in the State Legislature, MnDOT and the State Patrol as well as being well respected nationally."

Mel Simon, President, Styer Transportation

MTA member of 32 years

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