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The MTA Safety Council is the only Minnesota organization dedicated to advancing safe policies, practices, technology, effective risk management and accident/injury prevention in the trucking industry. The MTA Safety Council also addresses trucking’s unique human resource challenges, health and wellness issues, as well as recruitment and retention strategies.

Through meetings, programs and committees, the Council fosters relationships and delivers the latest in relevant information to enhance the success of safety professionals and the companies they represent. Membership is on an individual basis and open to anyone who is affiliated with an MTA member company. 

Become a Safety Council Member!

A MTA fleet Safety Council Membership is different than your company MTA Membership. Safety Council Membership is for individuals from MTA member companies. Membership registration is currently available for the Sept 2023 - May 2024 program year.


The Individual Membership: $245.00

All Team Access Membership: $599.00

First year as a MTA Safety Council Member? 

Use the promo code safetyfirst for 15% off an individual or all-team membership!

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The Safety Council meets once per month during the program year at 3:00pm at the Double Tree in Roseville. 


You may register to attend in-person or virtual via Zoom.   

Non-Safety Council members from MTA member companies can attend individual meetings for $35 per meeting.


Visit a drug testing facility (free for safety council members)

Register Soon

November 14, 2023

Your company is going to trial – What pre-accident prep should be done today?

Plus Trucks & Toys Live Auction!

Please note: this session will not be available to view on-demand.


December 12, 2023

Simplifying Insurance to prepare for renewal

February 13, 2023

Mock Audit Session 1: DQ File & Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs

March 12, 2023

Mock Audit Session 2: Hours of Service and Maintenance Programs

April 9, 2023

FMCSA Update

May 14, 2023

Weigh station inspections and the driver experience

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