The MTA fleet Safety Council is the only Minnesota organization dedicated to advancing safe policies, practices, and technology and effective risk management and accident/injury prevention in the trucking industry. The MTA Safety Council also addresses trucking’s unique human resource challenges, health and wellness issues, as well as recruitment and retention strategies.

Through meetings, programs and committees, the Council fosters relationships and delivers the latest in relevant information to enhance the success of safety professionals and the companies they represent. Membership is on individual basis and open to anyone who is affiliated with an MTA member company. 

Become a Safety Council Member!

A MTA fleet Safety Council Membership is different than your company MTA Membership. Safety Council Membership is for individuals from MTA member companies.  As a Member of the Safety Council, you will have the opportunity to vote during leadership elections in April and all eight meetings are included with your membership fee.   The Membership Fee is $245.00.




Are you interested in serving as a MTA Safety Council Leader?

To be eligible for a leadership position you must:

1) purchase a Safety Council Membership by October 31st of the current program year and

2) attend approximately 75% of the meetings in the current program year. 

2020/2021 Meeting Schedule

October 14, 2020

Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Update

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse? Full Queries?, Limited Queries?, Pre-Employment Queries?, Annual Queries?, Linking my Account? What Account?  What is all this?  Well, the D&A Clearinghouse is a great tool in keeping our fleets and the highways safe. But as with any new government program, there are still questions about how to use it.  The good news is we know just the person who can provide you with answers to questions you may have!

November 11, 2020

DOT Audits in an ELD World

With all carriers now using ELD’s and following the ELD rules, the DOT is looking at specific items during DOT Audits to make sure carriers are compliant.  Are you sure you are doing everything needed to have a successful DOT Audit?  DOT Audit expert, Kevin Galbreath with Galbrath Consulting Service, review the processes you need to follow to stay compliant and limit your liability. 

How to Build a Better Safety Department

Everyone can use a tip or ten on how to operate their Safety Department more efficiently. Do you run the department by yourself or manage a number of employees? This is the topic for you. Learn how to improve communication skills and organize your department. 

December 9, 2020

Driver Safety Month Series

January will offer a four part mini series for Driver Safety Month which will lead up to the regularly scheduled meeting in February. Attend any or all parts of the Driver Series! 


Driver Series 1: Driver Safety and Load Safety Amidst Public Unrest

Driver Series 2: Driver Wellness and Mental Fitness- Making the Best Decisions

Driver Series 3: Distracted Driving: Prevention and Tactics

Driver Series 4: Post Accident- What now for Drivers and Dispatchers

January 2021

February 10, 2021

Driver Safety Month Deeper Dive

March 10, 2021

Mock Trial- On the Job Injury

April 14, 2021

AI Technology

May 12, 2021

FMCSA and Commercial Enforcement Update





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