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Welcome to MTA's new podcast, Trucking Success and Safety. Stream the latest episodes on the player below, or through your favorite podcast streaming platforms including: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and iHeart. 



Episode 17: Continuing a Culture of Safety When Safety Has Left the Building

Trucking is a rewarding and serious business. You have worked long and hard to make it work. And when it does, it can be great. When it doesn’t, when something goes wrong, the results can be devastating.

​Managing risk is crucial to long-term success. Most trucking companies have someone responsible for safety, and managing the risk. That may be you, or someone in your company, and that is a good thing.

​But what happens when safety leaves the building? What happens when YOU leave the building?

​Julie Andrich is a leader who can’t be everywhere all at once. She has to split her time leading both Autumn Transport and King Solutions (and living life). Listen as Julie relates how to keep things safe, even when she, or safety, has left the building.

Episode 16: Creating a Vision for Employee Growth & Sustainability No Matter Your Company's Size
In this episode, Mike Cafarelli, President of the Dart Network talks about how creating a vision for employee growth and sustainability is essential to any business, regardless of its size.  As well as how it can serve as a foundation to best manage employee performance, attract and retain top talent, and ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals. Mike's approach will help you develop a holistic strategy that considers many different aspects of the business, such as strategy, technology, culture, employee needs, and finances.  Ultimately with a clear vision for employee growth and sustainability, businesses can not only attract but also sustain the best talent, leading to long-term success.

Episode 15: How Fleets can Capitalize on Sustainability
David Black, FlowBelow’s Vice President of Fleet Sales, discusses how fleets can capitalize off sustainability efforts and think outside the box to save on fuel costs. David has worked in the trucking and transportation industries for over 25 years with experience in parts and products as well as fleet management.

FlowBelow manufactures aerodynamic products for tractors and trailers. For more information, visit

Episode 14: The Future of Electricity Power and Trucking

Chris Clark, President of Xcel Energy Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, talks about the future of electricity to power trucks including: barriers and opportunities, key industry concerns, grid capacity, reliability, sourcing raw materials, and emission impacts. 

Thanks to Truck Writers for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information about Truck Writers visit 

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Episode 13: Leadership Strategies to Navigate through the Great Resignation 

Trucking leaders have had to lead through a pandemic and economic threats. Now companies are at risk from the Great Resignation. In this episode, Scott Otto of Organizational Change Advisors and Sue West of Bay and Bay Transportation  will talk about the impact of the great resignation on businesses and provide leadership strategies for navigating through uncertain times. 

Episode 12: Simple Steps to Attract and Retain Quality Maintenance Technicians

Kate Bierowski of WrenchWay provides simple steps you can implement now to help attract and retain quality maintenance technicians. What are technicians really looking for from an employer?

Episode 11: The CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: What Carriers Need to Know!

J.J. Keller & Associates sits down to talk about what trucking companies need to know regarding the CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. 

Thanks to J.J. Keller & Associates for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. 

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Episode 10: What it Takes to Win: A Fleet Safety Champion Talks Secrets to Success

MTA Vice President, Meredith Armstrong, sits down with Tyler Skoglund, Director of Safety for Midwest Motor Express, MTA's 2021 Fleet Safety Grand Champion, to learn more about the secret to the success of their safety program. Thanks to Truck Writers for sponsoring this episode. 

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Episode 9: Fuel Market Update- What Impacts Minnesota Fuel Prices

Scott Swanson of Beaudry Oil on what you need to know about the fuel market, including fundamentals and current industry trends to keep you up-to-date!

Episode 8: Reducing Insurance Costs for Your Fleet and Protecting Your Bottom Line

Shawn Sullivan, CEO of Truck Writers, shares best practices for fleets to help reduce insurance Costs. Thank you to Truck Writers for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information about Truck Writers, visit

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Episode 7: 2020 MTA Driver of the Year, Scott Smith Talks All Things Trucking With MTA President John Hausladen

In this episode, MTA President John Hausladen sits down to talk with MTA’s 2020 Driver of the Year, Scott Smith, driver for BarOle Trucking, to learn more about his 42 years in the trucking industry and what it’s taken to log over 4.6 million safe driving miles throughout his career. 
Thanks to MTA member, Trimble, for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information on Trimble, visit


Episode 6: Workforce Engagement Strategies that Work

A knowledgeable panel of trucking and workforce experts share their workforce engagement strategies and how to leverage technology and resources, no matter the size of your workforce.

Episode 5: Building Better Coaching Programs 

In this episode, David Foster of Bay & Bay will talk with Todd Haag of Coborn’s and Katie Talcott of Dedicated logistics about building better coaching programs. These three experts will share their experiences and best practices on how to connect with drivers and create coaching programs that really work. Let’s get into the episode. 

Episode 4: 2019 Driver of the Year Scott Post Talks All Things Trucking

MTA President John Hausladen sits down to talk with MTA's 2019 Driver of the Year, Scott Post, professional driver for Spartan Logistics, a contracted service provider for FedEx Ground. Scott and John talk all things trucking including how Scott got started in the industry, what has changed over the course of his career, and what it has taken to log over 2.5 million safe-driving miles. Thank you to Trimble for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information on Trimble, visit:


Episode 3: From Idea to Action- Taking a Chance on Change with Tom Wintz, CEO of Total Logistics, Inc.

In this episode, Tom Wintz, President and CEO of Dedicated Logistics, takes us from idea to action, sharing his experience turning big ideas into reality and making impactful strategic change, all while successfully working within the framework of day-to-day operations. Since founding Dedicated Logistics in 1995, Tom has been at the forefront of innovation, both for his customers and the trucking industry. His recipe for success is simple. Be a problem solver and don’t be afraid to take a chance on change. 

Episode 2: Safety Best Practices Practices for Driver Orientation, Drug & Alcohol Testing and HOS Exemptions

Hear from a panel of safety experts sharing best practices surrounding driver orientation, drug & alcohol testing, and HOS exemptions in this current COVID-19 environment. In this episode the panel discusses orientations and bringing on new drivers/employees, safety within company at work sites, what drivers are encountering at customer locations, hours of service exemptions, process for drivers to follow, what are customers telling them, and D&A testing exemptions and documentation.  Thank you to Trimble for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information on Trimble, visit:


Episode 1: Health and Safety Best Practices in Trucking Operations

In this episode, “Health and Safety Best Practices in Trucking Operations,” four MTA carrier members share new practices they’ve implemented among their fleets to address driver health and safety during the COVID-19 crisis. This panel discussion was recorded as part of a series of COVID-19 webinars offered by the MTA. More information on these webinars as well as important COVID-19 trucking updates and resources can all be found by visiting Thank you to Trimble for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. For more information on Trimble, visit:

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