About the MTA

Since 1932, the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) has been a powerful voice for the trucking industry.  The MTA is a non-profit trade association started by Minnesota carriers to represent and meet the needs of the Minnesota trucking industry.  The MTA continuously works to achieve its mission, vision, and goals through the leadership and direction of its Board of Directors, members, and staff. 

Our Mission

To serve as the voice for a safe and successful Minnesota trucking industry through advocacy, education, and focused initiatives. 

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Our Vision

People support and join the Minnesota trucking industry because it leads in safety, workforce development, and innovation. 

Our Goals

SAFETY: Reduce preventable crashes on Minnesota roadways involving commercial trucks.


WORKFORCE: Minnesota has a workforce development program that produces and attracts qualified drivers and transportation professionals to meet the needs of Minnesota.

EFFICIENCY & INNOVATION: MTA harnesses the knowledge and creativity of its members to drive innovation to improve business results.  

MTA LEADERSHIP: MTA is a model of association innovation and collaboration. 

Board of Directors

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Meet the Board of Directors who lead the organization.

MTA Staff

John Hausladen, President


(651) 646-7351


Meredith Armstrong, Vice President


(763) 251-6431

Lori Coutts Fraase, Director of Finance and Administration


(763) 251-6432

Andrea Warren, Manager of Marketing Communications


(763) 251-6433

Lauren Grady, Admin and Program Assistant


(763) 251-6434

Membership Outreach Volunteer

Skip Foster - Freedom Companies

MTA Member Company



Carrier Membership Development

Mike Thomas


Cell: 571-332-9333

Contact Us

6160 Summit Dr. N, Ste. 330

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

(P) 651-646-7351

(F) 651-641-8995

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