Board of Directors

The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to contribute to the development of the organization's mission and to participate in governing the implementation of that mission.

Executive Committee

Steve Yaggy, First Vice Chair
Steve Yaggy Trucking

Josh Enger, Treasurer

Sam Anderson, 1st Vice Chair
Bay & Bay Transportation

Perry Olson, Vice Chair
Fortune Transportation

Eric Lawrence, Secretary
Lawrence Transportation Company

Mark Cossack 
Timberland Transportation

Brent Bois, Immediate Past Chair
Calhoun Truck Lines

Board Members

Scott Anderson
Anderson Trucking Service

Neil Fandel 

Doug Grawe
The Grawe Group

Mike Manning
Manning Transfer

Kevin Otto
Otto Transfer

Joyce Brenny 
Brenny Specialized

Todd Gilbert
Valley Companies 

Gary Johnson

Jason Michels
Long Haul Trucking

Bill Primeaux

Fred Daggett
Daggett Truck Lines

Mike Glover
DeWitt LLP

Kyle Kottke
Kottke Trucking

Trent Morrell
Morrell Companies

Kari Rihm
Rihm Family Companies

Dan Savaloja

Mel Simon
Styer Transportation

Jess Siemers
Wayne Transports

Shawn Sullivan
Truck Writers

Libby Wagner
Service Plus Transport

Mike Wood
Woody's Trucking

Billy Woolsey
Midwest Compliance