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June 22, 2023: Navigating the New MN Paid Leave Law

In part two of MTA's free Employment Law Webinar Series, Thomas R. Revnew from Peters, Revnew, Kappenman & Anderson, P.A. helps you understand the new MN Paid Leave Law.


June 15, 2023: Navigating Cannabis Legalization in Minnesota

In part one of MTA's free Employment Law Webinar Series, Thomas R. Revnew from Peters, Revnew, Kappenman & Anderson, P.A. helps you understand what to do now that Cannabis is legal in Minnesota.


May 23, 2023: Can Your Trucking Company Withstand a Cyber Attack?

Trucking companies are high on the list of bad actors who want to create chaos and extort money. Disrupting truck transport can have a crippling impact on the supply chain. Fleets and governments are highly motivated to do what it takes to keep trucks moving. Bad actors know this vulnerability and prey on it. This 45-minute webinar will:


  1. Overview the risk of cyberattacks on trucking companies

  2. Review the key elements of a basic fleet cybersecurity program

  3. Share lessons learned from a recent tabletop exercise conducted by three MTA member fleets

  4. Introduce participants to low and no cost technology solutions to harden your fleet against cyberattack

  5. Introduce the basic elements of an Incidence Response Plan


Participants: Wade Anderson, CTO/CIO, Bay and Bay Transportation; Bill Holmberg, Director of IT, Wayne Transports; and Bonne Ramsey, Chief Process Officer, Halvor Lines; 

July 27, 2023: How to Create Your Own Fleet Cyberattack Incident Response Plan

Trucking fleets can best protect themselves from cyberattack and their impacts by pro-actively developing an Incident Response Plan (IRP). The IRP is designed to be pulled off the shelf and used immediately to respond to an incident. Creating a successful plan involves engagement at all levels of the fleet. Team insights will help gather critical data and develop reliable protocols. This session will walk through a draft IRP and discuss the importance of various elements. This 90-minute webinar will:

  1. Overview the need to create an Incident Response Plan

  2. Identify information to collect and organize

  3. Review important templates to create

  4. Recommend protocols to put in place

  5. Identify additional resources to prepare an IRP and respond to a cyberattack

Telemedicine: A New Primary Care Benefit for
your Drivers

During this webinar CareClix Account Executive, Mecheal Hamilton, provides an introduction to CareClix and the primary care services available for truckers, employees and employers/owners, as well as special pricing available for MTA members. This benefit is available through the Insurance Center, an MTA endorsed program. 

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Independent Contractors, California and You

The Supreme Court of the United States has formally declined to take up the appeal of the California Trucking Association challenging California’s AB5 independent contractor test. This means that AB5 is not pre-empted by federal law, and California can begin enforcing it against trucking companies. This webinar will explore the potential implications of the decision for fleets doing business in the State of California and how you may need to modify your operations to comply.  The webinar will address the following questions:

  • Will this impact your business directly?

  • Do you need to change your business model substantially, or can you make operation tweaks?

  • What is the likelihood of this being adopted by other states?

The webinar will be presented by MTA member attorneys Doug Grawe, The Grawe Group, and Mike Glover, DeWitt LLP.


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Understanding How Vaccine Mandates
Impact Trucking

The Biden Administration recently announced OSHA will be issuing an emergency temporary standard requiring the vaccination or weekly COVID-19 testing of all employees for employers with 100 or more employees, absent a need to accommodate a disability or religious belief. Similarly, in the near future, in order to have a federal contractor, federal contractors will be required to mandate that their employees receive a COVID 19 vaccination, including the companies they contract with.


This webinar will review the status of these new mandates, what is needed to comply, and the religious and medical exemptions available under the law.  The webinar will be presented by Tom Revnew, employment law attorney and partner with Peters, Revnew, Kappenman & Anderson, P.A..  

Access the webinar HERE

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FMCSA Update:
Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Final Rule

August 4, 2021: This webinar explains the the Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) final rule going into effect in February 2022. FMCSA's Matt Marrin talks about driver requirements, training provider requirements, and what should be done today to prepare for February 2022.

Access the webinar HERE

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Fuel & Cost Savings with
Electric Capable Transport Refrigeration

August 26, 2020: This webinar explains the cost and fuel savings that come with an electric capable transport refrigeration unit (TRU) and describes the next steps to making those savings a reality. The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) at the University of Minnesota was joined by Thermo King and CleanFuture, Inc. to give a practical guide to the current technology, how it could fit with your fleet, and an example of how it actually worked for a carrier. It also covers funding available in Minnesota that could help make your electric capable TRU project feasible.

Access the webinar HERE


FMCSA Hours of Service Final Rule Explained & ELD Implications

May 19, 2020: Matt Marrin, FMCSA MN Administrator covers the new Hours of Service rule change, as well representatives from Omnitracs, Keep Truckin, and Trimble Transportation to cover, at a high level, how the new rule will impact your ELD systems, what system changes will drivers need to be trained on, and what data changes will the back office need to be prepared to handle. 

Access the webinar HERE

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Safety Best Practices: Driver Orientation, Drug & Alcohol Testing, and HOS Exemptions

April 16, 2020: A panel of safety experts share best practices surrounding driver orientation, drug & alcohol testing, and HOS exemptions in this current COVID-19 environment. The panel discusses orientations and bringing on new drivers/employees, safety within company at work sites, what drivers are encountering at customer locations, hours of service exemptions, process for drivers to follow, what are customers telling them, and D&A testing exemptions and documentation.

Access the webinar HERE

Password: f9.2z1.Q


Understanding the Employer's Obligation to Provide Paid Leave

April 6, 2020: This webinar summarizes an employer’s obligations to provide both paid sick leave and paid emergency family and medical leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, and Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, incorporating the latest guidance and rules into this program and answering some questions unique to the trucking industry. 

Access the webinar HERE

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Health and Safety Best Practices in Trucking Operations

March 25, 2020: Learn Health and Safety Best Practices in Trucking Operations in the time of COVID-19, direct from a panel of industry leaders who are dealing with these issues. 

Access the webinar HERE

Password: RzpiaPV7

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