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Association Health Plan Created by North Risk Partners Available Through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota for 2024

Insurance solutions firm North Risk Partners has partnered with the Minnesota Trucking Association to launch an association health plan (AHP) through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (Blue Cross) for those involved in the Trucking Industry in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Trucking Association, which serves as the voice of the Minnesota trucking industry and represents trucking companies across the state, is serving as the plan sponsor. Eligible members of the Minnesota Trucking Association will be able to sign up for comprehensive insurance benefits at competitive rates through Blue Cross, Minnesota’s largest nonprofit health insurer, beginning with February 1, 2024 effective dates.

Association health plans are a category of insurance products that allow small and midsize businesses and self-employed workers from within the same industry to obtain healthcare coverage as if they were a single large employer.

“Many of our members are small business owners who understand the competitive advantages of strong benefits to attract and retain the best employees,” said John Hausladen, president of the Minnesota Trucking Association. “In this era of low unemployment and a workforce shortage in the trucking industry, attractive and affordable health insurance benefits have become even more important. We believe it is critical to provide our members and their employees with access to health insurance that can save them money while ensuring great coverage.”

“I’m proud of the commitment our organizations have demonstrated to create this AHP for motor carriers in Minnesota,” said Gary Helm, AHP plan consultant and employee benefits risk advisor at North Risk Partners. “Using our experience launching AHPs in other states, including for the Nebraska Trucking Association, we were able to define membership and industry for the plan’s underwriting, agree on benefits, determine that state and federal requirements were met, and gain approval from the state.”

“With a 90-year history of serving Minnesotans, Blue Cross is continually evolving to earn, and re-earn, the honor of serving the health plan needs of Minnesota employers, their employees and families,” said Dan Stewart, vice president, commercial markets at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. “We are proud to be part of a solution that increases access to healthcare for members of the Minnesota Trucking Association through this AHP.”

Members of Minnesota Trucking Association can learn more about eligibility and enrollment options by visiting HERE.



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