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Safety conference

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January 23, 2024

Vadnais Heights Commons

655 East County Road F
Vadnais Heights, MN 55127

7:30 a.m. Conference Kickoff: Hot Breakfast & Networking
8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Conference Program
5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Driver of the Year Banquet

Safety Conference Only: $299 (member price)
Safety Conference & Driver of the Year Banquet: $399* (member price)

Engagement from the Driver's Perspective

Are you making safety too cumbersome? Learn firsthand from the drivers’ perspective on how to get your drivers engaged in learning your safety culture and safety protocols. Drivers on the panel will walk through their journey telling us tactics they use to learn and retain information.

Enhance Safety Performance with your Dash Cam Program

Learn how two companies have had success improving safety performance by using dash cams and coaching.  Each company instituted programs with the common elements of non-punitive interventions, education, camera maintenance and systems monitoring.  Whether using dash cam systems with internal cameras, linking them to collision mitigations systems, or using them to capture collision footage, maximizing your results depends on how a company manages those dash cams and the systems that the company builds around them.  Hear the struggles, the best practices, and the lessons learned from two safety directors using these tools to maximize safety results. 

Nathaniel Leis, ATS and Darrin Corbin, Dedicated Logistics

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How Customer Service Impacts your Drivers' Safety Performance and Retention

Curt Langstraat, Director of Maintenance & Fleet Services, and Jeff Reeves, GM,, Fortune Transportation

Don’t allow the support staff to fire your drivers. Support staff have an important role in customer service and the impact on your drivers’ safety performance & retention. We have all experienced it. One bad interaction can result in an unhappy driver who begins looking for a different color truck to drive on Monday. How do we mitigate these bad interactions? Jeff and Curt will have a dynamic conversation with scenario examples of interpersonal communication techniques that have improved driver safety performance & retention.

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Critical Safety Conversations

1. Return to Work After Work Related Injury – Jan Markison
2. Driver Qualification Policies – Victoria Dwyer
3. Post Accident Timeline and Follow-ups – Todd Haag
4. Preventative Maintenance Audits – Dustin Berger
5. Drug & Alcohol Testing – Scot Rambo
6. Auditing Electronic Hours of Service – Kelly Bloom
7. Driver Trainer Hiring Qualifications – Karsen Ulwelling
8. Driver Retention Best Practices – Mikayla Ringhofer
9. Modifying Driver Orientation Based on the Driver – Jeff Reeves
10. Commercial Enforcement – Captain Jeff Schroepfer & Lt. Dave Hanson
11. FMCSA – Matt Marrin

Continuing a Culture of Safety When Safety Has Left the Building

Julie Andrich, Owner & CEO, King Solutions & Autumn Transport

Ladies and Gentlemen, safety has left the building . . . .


Trucking is a rewarding and serious business. You have worked long and hard to make it work. And when it does, it can be great. When it doesn’t, when something goes wrong, the results can be devastating.

Managing risk is crucial to long term success. Most trucking companies have someone responsible for safety, managing the risk. That may be you, or someone in your company, and that is a good thing.

But what happens when Safety leaves the building? What happens when YOU leave the building?

Julie Andrich is a leader who can’t be everywhere all at once. She has to split her time leading both Autumn Transport and King Solutions (and living life). Join us as Julie relates how to keep things safe, even when she, or safety, has left the building.




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