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FMCSA Issues Notice of Intent to Require Speed Limiters in Commercial Vehicles

FMCSA recently issued a Notice of Intent to require speed limiters in commercial vehicles. ATA provided the following on what this means:

This is just the beginning of a lengthy process. As of right now:

  • There is no defined maximum speed setting, and

  • There is no proposed timeframe for implementing speed devices.

Think of this NOI as the start of a data-gathering exercise, in which FMCSA collects information from fleets on their use of speed limiters.

What comes next: The NOI has a 30-day comment period, followed by an agency review. From there, FMCSA will need to formulate a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking -- a more detailed proposal outlining specific speed settings and a timeline for implementation. Another comment period would then follow.


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