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Economy leads ATRI’s 2023 top industry issues list

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) identified the economy as the biggest concern among trucking industry professionals, and for the first time zero-emission vehicles also made the list, according to a report released Oct 14.

The group’s 19th Annual Top Industry Issues report listed the economy, truck parking, fuel prices, the driver shortage and driver compensation as the top five issues expressed by industry professionals.

The top ten issues were:

1. Economy

2. Truck parking

3. Fuel prices

4. Driver shortage

5. Driver compensation

6. Lawsuit abuse reform

7. Driver distractions

8. Driver retention

9. Delays at customer facilities

10. Zero-emission vehicles

The report surveyed more than 4,000 trucking industry stakeholders this year. That range of industry professionals included 47% who are motor carrier executives and personnel and 29% who are truck drivers. The driver respondents cited driver compensation, truck parking and fuel prices as their top three concerns. The motor carriers ranked the economy, driver shortage and lawsuit abuse reform as their top issues.



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