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NATMI Safety Certification 

Certified Director of Safety (CDS) or Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS)

*Great for NEW & Experienced Safety Professionals

When: TBD


Where: Virtual option or in-person at MTA Office Bldg., 6160 Summit Dr. N, Brooklyn Center, MN

Cost: MTA Members: $1,295 (course & exam) $880 ( courses only)   Non-Members: $1,080 (course only)

*If your company is an MTA member, to register on the NATMI website you must create a profile and select State Association member to see the Member pricing option.

Day 1 & 2: Motor Fleet Safety Basics

after this course attendees will be able to:


  1. Recognize the role of the safety supervisor in implementing quality fleet safety programs.

  2. Implement record keeping systems to meet DOT and OSHA regulatory requirements.

  3. Conduct basic on-site accident investigations and compile accident reports.

  4. Implement procedures to prevent employee injury and control workers’ compensation claims.

  5. Apply strategies to hire successfully.

  6. Identify and implement strategies to improve driver retention.

  7. Identify safety-related training needs and deliver effective safety training programs.

  8. Describe the benefits and requirements for becoming a NATMI certified safety professional.

Day 5: Certification Exam 

Day 3 & 4: Managing Motor Fleet Safety Programs

after this course attendees will be able to:


  1.  Establish safety policy and procedures.

  2. Apply quality management principles and tools to safety management.

  3. Develop measurement standards and control systems for fleet safety.

  4. Analyze company records to quantify the Return on Investment of safety programs.

  5. Evaluate critical data in each technical program area covered in this course.

  6. Make recommendations to establish and continuously improve safety programs.

  7. Act as an advocate for safety in their company.

  8. Create a company safety culture and “sell” upper management on the safety philosophy.

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