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maintenance COUNCIL

The MTA Maintenance Council exists to improve transport equipment, its maintenance and maintenance management. Maintenance professionals meet monthly, September through May, to exchange ideas about ways to improve and maintain their equipment.  Through these meetings, the Council fosters relationships and delivers the latest in relevant information to enhance the success of maintenance professionals and the companies they represent. Membership is on an individual basis and open to anyone who is affiliated with an MTA member company. 

Council Leaders 2021-22.jpg

20221/2022 Council Leaders: Dusten Wiling, Munson Lakes Nutrition; Paul Pettit, Dart Transit; Mark Wells, Blaine Brothers; Tucker Dally, Hydraulic Specialty, Inc.

Not pictured: Dave Rasmussen, United Natural Foods

Coming Soon

April 25, 2023

More information coming soon. 


TOPICS Covered:

  • More info to come.

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